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Simon Sez and master mind


I got my next 2 pandas and case. So i was thinking i can order a four button set to put in the faceplate with leds and make a simon sez game and maybe even a mastermind style game.

What ya think.


I started on a mastermind game for my kids but I dont know if it ever will be completed or even work. With all the IOs on the Panda I was thinking of using RGB LEDs and trying to avoid shift registers all together. But with 12x4 RGB comes to 144 individual LEDs to address, and with 4 dual color LEDs for each row (score) thats 96 more giving me a total 240 LEDs to control in a POV sort of way.


wow 240 leds. You will have to do some sort of charlie plexing with fez and uC.


Maxim has some good LED IC drivers. They also give free samples on some of their products.

Check this out:



BTW I got 4 free VFD drivers MAX6921 from Maxim to build this clock (designed by