Silly n00b question - digitalWrite(pin,HIGH) to Gadgeteer

I’m porting an Arduino lib to NETMF/Gadgeteer

The original code:

digitalWrite(resetPin, HIGH);

My code:

var p3 = GT.Socket.GetSocket(9, false, null, null).CpuPins[3];
var ResetPin = new OutputPort(p3, false);

Essentially the question is – does the HIGH == true && does LOW == false?

:slight_smile: yes :slight_smile:

Thanks for the info.

My first attempt for extending my Arachnid. As the project proceeds, I’ll put up more info.

@ mhectorgato - Is that what i think it is?

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@ danmeland - Start a new thread with your question.

I would tweak that a bit and change…

var ClkPin = new OutputPort(p3, true);
var CsPin = new OutputPort(p4, true);


var ClkPin = new OutputPort(p3, false);
var CsPin = new OutputPort(p4, false);

Otherwise, you’ll end up with a momentary state where it flips from a default value of true to a value of false.

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This also related to that:

@ mhectorgato - Nice one, i expect you to be whipping out Eagle and superseeding the v1 design :wink:

At the rate I’m going the 2nd Mayan calendar will have expired first … :smiley:

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@ mhectorgato - lol