Should I wait for the next version of FEZ

Hi GHI Team,
we have a plan to hold electronic / IoT course for kids in my community. I’ve heard that ST will discontinue their wifi module that included in FEZ-Wifi version, my question is do you guys have a plan to release the new FEZ with another wifi module soon ?

For now, we have purchased a few brainpads from Mouser. I saw there is new type of braindpad called BraindPad Arcade, will it be available soon ? I thought it has same display with the first version of brainpad that use 1.8 display (ST7735 ?).

Nothing in the very near future but FEZ will still be the same even with a different WiFi module.

Arcade is just a concept and it is too early to lock lesson plans around it.

Are you teaching C# specifically or something else?