Why doesnt GHI say that USPS Express Mail International is tracked? It is half the price of Fedex, delivers in the same time, and doesn’t have disbursement fees.

In my books it is the best value for money shipping when you need fast shipping, and it seems to be the same as EMS shipping.

Because it is not trackable when it reaches some countries.

Are you serious? I throught my country is backwards when it comes to mail, but it tracked all the way… :slight_smile:

Well, it tracked on the USPS site upto the postoffice of delivery on my side, and it tracked on the local EMS site right to my door.

Well, you are lucky then.
Some of our customer lost tracking of USPS as soon as the package went out of the Unites States.

General USPS, yes, I also loose them when they leave the USA, but not EMS/EMI, as far as I know it is equivalent to a courier and should be traceable…

USPS tracking to AU stops at Hawaii, when it leaves the USPS system. The next update I get is when I get a letter in the postbox saying come sign for it. So it really isn’t the same as someone like fedex or DHL

An easy way to explain this, there is no USPS offices outside the US and so it is not trackable and if they said they are then they are making things up:) After all, USPS stands for US postal service, not global postal :slight_smile: On the other hand, fedex and DHL have offices in most countries so yes it is trackable.

People, please read my complete previous post.

Yes, normal USPS doesn’t track. Yes, there are no USPS offices outside the USA.

Express Mail International though DOES track outside the USA. Express Mail International is part of EMS, Express Mail Services, which is an international coordinated system that covers 169 countries, including AU.

Please see Express mail - Wikipedia

Also see my tracking logs:

And my local tracking(Enter tracking number EC206422435US):

Also note that, in my country anyway, EMS is a “to door” service. No slip from the post office, no picking up the item from the post office. A van stops at my door, demands the VAT/tax payment, then hands over the parcel.

We have seen cases where EMS packages got lost with the tracking number. And of course we are the one who got blamde for that, NOT USPS.
So We can not say that EMS is trackable on our website. But we provide the tracking numbers we get from USPS to our customers anyway.