Ship boards with current firmware

It would be really nice if boards shipped with the current TinyBooter and the current NETMF firmware.

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GHI boards are produced in large batches. maybe in the thousands. it would be expensive to reload inventory when the firmware changes.

They need to use some of the Gadgeteer stuff to build a small robot to move devices and connect them, then update the firmware automatically right before they are shipped. I understand that there are large quantities, but that doesn’t make it a bad suggestion. I’m just having more problems getting the Hydra working than any other GHI board I’ve ever had.

I am sorry to hear you are having problems with the Hydra. What OS are you running, and is it running natively or in a virtual environment. Have you tried to manually update the firmware as directed here?

@ James - I have a post going with the issues of getting the Hydra updated (, I just wanted to post the suggestion here to have them ship with newer firmware.