Sharing the excitement, maybe!

Here is a picture of one of them. Sorry about the quality. I had to use a really old camera :slight_smile:


I am not buying it :snooty:

Company that is involved in creating new technologies does not have a good camera :open_mouth:

deliberate act of vandalism to a perfectly serviceable picture - 10mp image from phone cut into 200 pixel wide image just to perpetuate the tease :slight_smile: :dance:

But at least it’s posted right-side up, right @ Gary? :wink:

Waiting :’(

I think I see 2 memory chips or NAND flash, a broadcom logo, and an ethernet port. It’s not an Atom chip because there is no green border.

Looks like Panda III


@ Architect - Now you’ve got a point …

@ Architect - Yea it does; it looks alot like a panda.

GUS stop feeding us wrong intel :wall:

@ Architect - what would be exciting about a Panda III?

But a Raspberry PI 2 based Gadgeteer mainboard would be real sexy!

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@ Mike - Ease up, everything will be OK in the end !!!

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consider it noticed!

Whatever we release is exciting and if don’t think so then please stop by the office and have some more of our famous kool-aid.

Does the GHI kool-aid have an SKU?


@ suitable1 - lol…not exactly and you can’t get it unless you know the secret password.

Is it bad of me? I figured that I would fix this the way my mind read it…


Update to Panda II with the MCU from the Cerberus. Like a Cerbuino but without the Gadgeteer sockets.

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But with more RAM and Flash.


And if it is not OK, well, then we are not at the end yet …

Oh shoot, I’m getting that lonely that I’m already answering to my own posting …

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