Sharing the excitement, maybe!

I have been busy with few things, starting with the new born baby on new year’s eve! So I finally had time to sit down with the engineers at GHI to talk about what they have for us. I must say I am very impressed and just too exited to stop me from writing few pages of top secret information!

Fortunately, or unfortunately, I do not want to take from the team. I am sure they want to be the ones to show off what they did so I am not going to say more… beside there are few chipsets, boards, product lines to come. Even this very website is becoming a “2015 style”.

Long live NETMF/Gadgeteer and welcome to all the new exiting things :stuck_out_tongue:

Save this date in your calendar: May 1st 2015


@ Gus - Ever the tease!

Looking forward to hearing more… :dance:

@ Gus - NDA…NDA… :whistle:

Soon! :dance:

@ Simon from Vilnius - Don’t start! 8)

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Oh Boy even the teasing has become 2015 style…

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Where’s the -1 button? I’m getting heartburn now… :wink:

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Papa @ Gus - More babies! :wink:

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poor babies, they will suffer with all his teasing…

@ Gus talking to the little one: when you grow up kiddo i’ll buy you a bike!
@ Gus actually when you get your high school diploma i’ll buy you a car, it’s better.
@ Gus actually now that you’ve grown. Cars are outdated, let’s get you through college then i’ll buy you this autonomous thingy something that flies too!

and the teasing goes on and on and on :whistle: until the kid leaves home carrying his/her dad’s legacy of teasing… oh boy !!!


@ Gary - Should be we be guessing about new exciting things? :think:

Oh dear! I see yet another order on the horizon that I will need to slip past the missus so she doesn’t see!! :whistle:

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Yeah why not. You guys will probably guess in few minutes but the official answer is on may 1st. I just hope it is not a weekend

Guessing maybe, saving certainly…

Must be related to something that will be announced at Build, which ends on May 1st.

@ Mike - Sure I will never tell…They call me NDA Gary around the office! ;D

@ Gus -

starting with the new born baby on new year’s eve…

And no picture?

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Yea GUS. No baby pics? No name? No Gender?

This is so awesome.

Without revealing too much, are all 3 versions going to be released at once? Or will we need to wait for the [redacted]?

The reason I ask, if because I dont actually have many [redacted] lying around, and I would want to order some ASAP from [redacted] so that when the [redacted] version is released, I can hit the ground running and can [redacted].

Also, why the name [redacted]? wont [redacted] have a problem with that? Or this a sign of a new partnership with [redacted]?

Anyway, Im setting aside a space on my desk, and I’ll make sure I have plenty of ferro-fluid, double sided tape, and [redacted].



Is ay the next time Gus decides to tease us, no one should respond. Just to tease him back.

I actually posted pictures on new year’s eve :slight_smile: You were to busy enjoying the party and forgot to check the forum.

But who cares about Gus’s babies. You want to see pictures of GHI’s new babies. Probably adopt one of them.

…let me grab the camera before NDA Gary gets here :wink: