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Sharing project templates across multiple users


I have a handful of students doing some work with some FEZ boards. I set up a few PCs in the lab with C# Express and installed the SDKs. All of this works well. The one things we noticed is that the GHI templates are only installed in the VS2010 profile of the person who installs the SDK (me).

Since these are machines on the campus domain a given users local account does not exist until they log on for the first time. The only way I have found to give everyone access to the templates, short of everyone having to copy/paste them into their own profile, is to move the Micro Framework templates folder to All Users\Documents and point VS to that folder. Each user still has to point VS to the shared folder but at least it takes things down to one folder that has to be maintained/updated.

I was just wondering if anyone else had come up with a different solution.


We can look into this but we can’t promise you anything yet.