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Shapeoko 2 CNC mill


I’m very interrested in the Shapeoko 2 cnc mill

Does anyone have experience with it? Is it a good choice for hobbyists?


I’ve got eShapeOko, mechanically very similar to ShapeOko 2. I find it a very solid piece of hardware, bearing the price in mind.

It also depends on what you wants to do with it. If you want to cut steel, then you need something else. I’ve tried milling PCB; 0.1mm track is possible, but requires lots of know-how. 0.2mm is a much easier.

I’d still want a double-rail X carriage, though.


Wow nice!

I just want to cut wood, acrylic, or maybe if I am more experienced in it I try to cut aluminium.
Just looked at the Shapeoko site, and saw that shipping costs are 130$ to my destination…so I’m strungling with myself a little bit =/

Was it difficult to build? And do you use NEMA17 motors?
I see you use a proxxon (micromot?). Is there an advantage to the default dremel that is used for it?


Where do you live? If in Europe, will certainly be a better option for you. They are out of Makerslide at the moment, but should get resuplied in a week or two.

There will be no problems with wood or acrylic, I think it’s sturdy enough (haven’t tried cutting much of those, though).

It was very easy to build. The hardware kit is a piece of cake, the wiring is the thing that takes all the time :slight_smile:

Yes it’s NEMA17.

I use proxxon just because I found it on Ebay :slight_smile: I don’t think there’s any advantages over Dremel.


I live in europe.
I found a german distributor who sells a litte modified Shapeoko 2 set. I think I will wait for the full kit.
Thanks for the infos Simon!

Uups here’s the link:


I am building my SO2 now. I bought the mechanical kit as I am going with NEMA 23s. The machine is built, except for an insertion nut that is missing and waiting for a replacement and I am waiting for the NEMA 23 axis and ACME upgrade. I have a tinyG on the way as well. There is a .NETMF (Netduino) forum on their site as well.


@ Samurai - what is the advantage of the NEMA 23 motors?


Little more torque. I plan on cutting aluminum with mine once it is dialed in.