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Sexy Monkey?!


I am surprised no one commented on our newest “sexy monkey” :snooty:

I think it is hilarious ;D :o

If you haven’t seen it yet then see the Rhino page :wink:


I saw it last night. Nice one!!!
Who does your artwork, and who do they use for their models? lol


of course all us geeks were too focussed on Rhino itself rather than be distracted by things like that

:smiley: ;D


I’m still waiting for the Robo FEZ shirts…


You said that Brett

We all drooled on the Rhino and did not she the sexy money.

Man - do we have a life :slight_smile: :slight_smile: :slight_smile:


Being a nerd is a lot of fun…I wish everyone can see how much fun we have when we “blink LEDs” LOL


Hahaha hilarious :smiley: