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I have tried to use the SetGroupFilters method with CAN but dont get it working.

If I set range 0x700 to 0x7FF I still get messages outside this range.

Does anyone have a working code example?


Could you post some sample code of what you are doing?


I’m interested in this as well… Does the “group” refer to part of the ArbID. I’m trying to work with NMEA 2000 which is based on J1939. I couldn’t get the group filters to work, so I have to look at every message, decode it, and decided if I should do something with it… getting this to work would make a big difference in performance.


Yes you should always use filters if you can


I just found an application note on the NXP website that may help…
Here is the link…

I have to say that even when I’m looking at every packet, things seem to work well, except when I doing a lot of debugging output (debug.print).Things get a little sluggish when GC kicks in…
Here is another useful link:


_canHandle.SetExplicitFilters(new uint[]{0x728});

But I still get interrupts for ArbID 0x727…

Also wonder if the array should contain ArbID or something else??


I now found the source of the problem.

If I call the DisableExplicitFilters after I have set filters with SetExplicitFilters I cant set new filters again.

Is there any way to Enable the filters again? I have tried to set the filters again but this doesn’t help.


Did you ever find a solution to your problem?