Servo Motor

Can you let me know if I’m able to control this servo motor:

[url]Pololu - XYZrobot Smart Servo A1-16

with any of the GHI products.

This is my current Setup:
Raspberry Pi 3
Windows 10 IOT Version 14936.1000
Visual Studio 2015 Community
CSharp language C#


This is from the description on the pololu page:

So yes, you can. The datasheet says it’s a 5v TTL device (the 5v might give you some headaches depending on how compatible with 3v3 TTL signals on your Pi). You’re going to need to connect it to a UART, and then you’re going to need to implement the communication protocol from the datasheet to get and set data registers.

Rpi isn’t 5v tolerant on any pins. You will need a level shiftier to connect to it.


Incidentally, all the .NETMF devices are 5v tolerant.

G400 is not. :slight_smile:

Do I still need the Level Shifter even though the Fez Utility and Fez Hat has 5 Volt tolerant GPIO pins?

@ Cristaleja - Oh, if you’re using the the Hats then you don’t still need a level shifter; the hats do that for you; which is why they are awesome.