Servo motor controller and Component shield

Hi folks!

Can be Serial Servo Motor Controller board connected to Component Shield through JST3AA 3-wire cable or the servo board needs to be connected directly to FEZ Domino to run servo motors?

you can control servos directly with FEZ. For better results use a PWM pin but you can use any pin to control the servo (Using output compare). This is explained in the book.

You can also offload the servo handling to a servo controller board that will take care of controlling the servo, you only need to send it serial commands to control servos.

I didn’t understand your question but I hope these answers would help you!

I bought FEZ Domino and Serial Servo Motor Controller board. In pdf document to servo controller is written: “Connect the included cable from one of the SERIAL sockets on Servo16 to any FEZ digital pin (all pins!).”. I would probably need to cut the other end of included 3-wire cable and then insert it to pins because there is no direct socket input on FEZ Domino for this cable. Therefore I’m asking if it is possible to connect servo controller board to component shield with included 3-wire cable so that I don’t have to cut the cable.

Yes exactly, you need the component shield in order for you to connect a JST cables to any of the components, including the serial servo board.