Servo controller

Just tuning in after a few months absence to find out that the Pulse InOut board has been discontinued.

Previously spent quite a bit of time and effort getting that board working.

Is there a newer better gadgeteer board that we can use now as a servo controller?

@ hvelo - We do not currently offer a replacement for the Pulse In Out.

Why not just use pwm?

I have eight devices to control.

You can use software PWM. There is a SignalGenerator class for that:

I like the note: “Software generation is used so accuracy may suffer”… Not exactly what I am looking for. I need high performance servo control - precise and jitter-free control for a large number of devices. This is an important requirement! I am surprised that you do not have a serious solution.

We are trying to give you the easy options but you can use any servo controller on three market really. The easiest ones would be the ones with serial interface. Just looked on eBay and I see many options