Series on Connecting Win8 Metro style apps with the Gadgeteer via UDP

I have no code to connect via bluetooth “Metro Style C #” even medical device MyGlucoHealth “device measures blood sugar” I need to connect to the device and must be the device I of the data and the receive API, as I can do if you could be so kind to help me thank you

@ Eder

Bluetooth in Windows Store apps is for call control and audio. Think how you might use it as headphones or to make a phone call on Skype or something.

The API doesn’t currently support arbitrary bluetooth devices.

Here’s the API page:

If the devices have support for WiFi, that would be a good approach.


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@ Eder

BTW, if I’m misunderstanding your question, I’m sorry. I assume English is not your primary language, as the questions are a little hard to understand.


@ Pete - Last I read, one of the new features of WP8 is the addition of SPP profile. Are you saying that WP8 will have it but not Win8 Store Apps? Or that it has been nixed from WP8? Or you’re talking about a totally different profile altogether. I’ve been waiting anxiously for this addition to WP8 before I switch from Android.

I’ve been focusing almost exclusively on Windows 8. I will get back into the developer side of Windows Phone soon. However, I haven’t kept up on features for that. If you’ve read something official about features for WP8, those are probably correct.

For this release, the APIs available for Windows Store apps on Windows 8 are the ones you can use right now in the RTM version (or in a week if you don’t have an MSDN license and don’t want to use the downloadable Enterprise eval).


That’s disconcerting - so much for controlling my rovers from a Surface slate over BT… Guess it will save battery life by having one less radio module turned on. Back to the drawing board! (oh, and thanks for the API link!)

Since it had been several months ago that I checked on SPP inclusion in WP8, I decided to double check. Looks like it did not make the cut. This is tragic. This really is one of the reasons I haven’t moved to WP yet and was looking forward to WP8. Now I have to reconsider… :frowning:

Please vote here.

The Surface has USB no? You could use XBee with a USB explorer. Granted it’s not an integrated solution.

I do not speak English, tell me that I can not connect by bluetooth to another device other than Windows, I have an app “metro style”, with a medical device “MyGlucoHealth” that measures blood sugar and need some code to synchronize that team with my app “metro style”, the device has bluetooth and my computer too, some code or references to complete the application, the app works with SQLite database stores and presents statistical graphics Telerik their disease, are all kept we entered manually, and I would do the same with bluetooth, I help to finish it and upload it to the app store windows, thank you very much for your help

If you want to create a custom USB device, you need to create the driver and then register your app as an allowable Device App for that driver.

Use of regular class drivers, beyond those exposed through things like the WinRT camera and input APIs, is not currently supported.

@ eder25

Not sure how to clarify this:

I do not believe your scenario will work, or pass the Windows App Certification Kit tool. (WACK)

Windows Store app -> Bluetooth Headset : OK
Windows Store app -> Bluetooth headphones and mic: OK
Windows Store app -> Bluetooth call control in a car : OK
Windows Store app -> Bluetooth Robot : Not Supported
Windows Store app -> Bluetooth medical device : Not supported
Windows Store app -> .NET Gadgeteer with Bluetooth module: Not supported (unless it is somehow recognized as a call control device)


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thank you very much for your answer is a document or a link where are the applications that support Windows 8 and Metro style, can help me because I’m working on it, then you can not make the connection, I need to make a report, with the basis from Microsoft saying it does not support medical dispostivo

This is the page which has the API listing. If the device fits into the API, then it will work. If it doesn’t, then it doesn’t.

That’s about as close as you’ll get to what you’re looking for.

Actually, now I’m reading about Bluetooth Health Profile which looks to be a bit different and is allowed, but only if there’s a Windows 8 driver for the device with appropriate metadata. The vendor needs to provide this.


Answer on general BT:

Unless this is a .NET Gadgeteer app, this is all way OT for the Gadgeteer forums, though. I’d recommend you use the forums at


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@ eder25 - Wow! That is the strangest request I have ever seen [edit] in any online forum. As Pete suggested, please do your homework in an appropriate forum.

Is this a new form of “my dog ate my homework”?

That is a very strange request that, quite frankly, makes me uncomfortable.

First, talk to the medical device vendor and find out if they’re supporting any of the profiles / interfaces described in my answer.

Then, ask the questions over on the forums to be sure I am giving you correct information.

I participate here in the GHI forums in a personal capacity, to help other developers who are also enthusiasts. If you want to be official about it (and cite a response that says you can/cannot use the device), use the above forums, please.

If this is a big project for a company (and not a personal project), please talk with your local Microsoft account managers so they can get you hooked up with the appropriate programs and people inside Microsoft.




I see that the post has been deleted, but thanks to RSS reader in Outlook I see what you guys are talking about. :wall:

W00t! I received an update that seems to indicate that Bluetooth SPP profile has been added to WP8.

Nice, I am waiting for the Nokia device to become available here. Anyone picked up a Surface yet?

I will pick up both devices tonight. :wink:

@ taylorza - I bought a Surface RT last Friday. Made the mistake of stopping by the local Microsoft Store and playing with it…had to get one. Really enjoying it.

@ Architect - Great news for //build/ attendees…quite a package of goodies. Enjoy!