Series on Connecting Win8 Metro style apps with the Gadgeteer via UDP

Hi All

I started a project using NETMF/Gadgeteer and Windows 8 XAML/C#. As you may know, connecting to custom devices from Windows 8 Metro style apps using USB is not allowed, unless you provide the driver and the device app both. Networking (especially wireless) is one great way around this limitation for both Win8 and Windows Phone 8.

Part 1: Simple UDP networking test from a Metro style XAML app

Part 2: Setting up the Gadgeteer Endpoint and sending a message

Part 3: Bi-directional UDP communication (send and ACK)

More parts coming, but I wanted to get those key parts out.

Interestingly, I’m not sure the final external device would be a Gadgeteer or even a NETMF device. It may remain so, or it may end up as C++ on an ARM processor or something. In this case, the Gadgeteer was used because it is one of the very fastest ways to prototype while trying to prove out a concept. There aren’t many platforms where you can crank out a network app this quickly. I know that was one of the things the Gadgeteer team had in mind when they created it. :slight_smile:


Thanks Pete, very helpful.

Into part 1 now… thinking about porting my current WPF app over to Win8 to run on my Fujitsu Q550 tablet and see how bluetooth goes ! Thanks Pete

OH man talk about timely I was just thinking about trying this last night and now I have everything I need to dive in to it. One question can any one recommend a good source for an introduction to XAML as I am used to the ease of drag and drop forms in Visual basic and I am now finding that like all things in life, the cool stuff requires more than drag and drop :slight_smile:

Shameless plug:

If you’re working on Win8 XAML, that’s my next book. It’s a work in progress, but you can download several chapters today.

Be sure to read the forum too for notes.



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Thanks and I am all for the shameless book plug.

Dear Pete.
Does your book will talking about using Win 8 XAML to communicate with gadgeteer or .NET MF device?
I never learn the XAML, does this book suit for me?

XAML is a way of designing forms and not so much functionality you are asking about.

I think the book is just Win8 XAML and won’t have Gadgeteer specifics. So it’s probably ideally suited to you if you don’t know XAML and if you want to go into Win8 dev more. If you just want to do minimal programming and have an app that you can use, then you can possibly get enough from the blog posts

Great series!

@ Tzu

As much as I’d love to sell you a book, I don’t think you’ll find what you’re looking for there. :slight_smile:

My book is about building Windows 8 Metro style apps. There won’t be any Gadgeteer or other NETMF content. I’m posting that type of stuff on my blog. Expect more of it, since my team has made me the defacto Win8 + Gadget/device guy


This is great Pete, thanks for sharing.

Excuse me as I could even connect medical device via bluetooth api that want me recepte device information thank you very much I have the api the METRO STYLE WINDOWS 8

Hi Eder

Were you able to connect a Gadgeteer device to Windows 8 via Bluetooth? I honestly didn’t think that was possible.

Do you have a post, or source code to share, or anything?


Pete - why do you say it’s not possible to connect a BT gadgeteer module to Win8? All you get is the serial profile, but that’s fine for a lot of applications. I’ve paired a (custom) BT module as a slave to Win7, DroidX phone, Nexus 7 tablet without issue.

what I want is to connect a medical device with a name MyGlucoHealth api in windows 8 if they were kind enough to help with that put the api for the unloaded with the source code API is MADE IN METRO STYLE

The reason is that serial ports are not something the current Windows 8 Store Apps API set exposes, so the only thing you could do is create a standard Windows application - which means that it would run on on x86/x64 platform but not all Win8 devices.

@ Brett - Will the Surface device, which runs Windows 8 RT, only support the Store Apps API?

correct, only Windows 8 Store Apps set of APIs, not classic Windows. Windows RT only runs on ARM processors.

Windows RT only runs on ARM processors<<


To be very clear:

Windows 8
[ul]Everything you have with Windows 7, plus the new Windows Store apps.
You can do everything here that you can do on Windows 7 today, plus use the new stuff.
Desktops, tablets, laptops, more.
Runs on Intel compatible chipsets[/ul]

Windows RT
[ul]Windows Store apps plus only the pre-loaded (Office, windows explorer, IE) desktop apps.
You cannot write desktop apps for this platform; you stick to the Windows Store compatible APIs.
Runs on ARM[/ul]

Windows RT is designed to give you more battery life and power efficiency, more portability etc.

“Windows Store app” is the new term for what we used to call “Metro style app”