Serial port on NETMF 4.2


I want to connect my Raptor through COM connection to a non-gadgeteer module.

My primary question is how to create a Serial port (COM) with .net MF 4.2
All samples I’ve found uses the System.IO.Ports.SerialPort class that seems was removed from 4.2?

I only see the System.IO.Ports.Serial class with an empty constructor…

And secondary question is about hardware:
I plan to connect this module -
It is supports 3.3V and operates through serial connection (simply two TR and RX pins are used).
So can I just connect power supply and TX/RX wires to some Raptor socket or I need to use some MAX232 adapter anyway?

SerialPort is still there some where.
May be in System.IO !?
Also look in different assemblies. The class Distribution is sometimes a bit cracy.

About your module.
I couldn’t see your link,
but a Serial module with 3V3 an RX and TX can usually be connected directly without any issues.
You just have to check that you have enough power to drive it.

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I cannot insert links yet -
contains following example:

using System.IO.Ports;
SerialPort UART = new SerialPort(“COM1”, 115200);

not works in 4.2.
SerialPort is absent in this namespace and I cannot find it in some other locations.

Good point about power estimations.
Does a Raptor board have limitations itself or all depends from my power source?

@ andre.m
you are right, got it!

It depends only on the power source, and may be on the Maximum load of the Regulators, which makes the 3V3.
But a USB Client DP with a power full source can usually handle a lot.
USB Client SP is usually quite limited because of the Maximum load of the USB port.

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Yes, I use DP module
Thank for the clarifications!