Serial overruns with ChipworkX

I just want to report that the issue still persists on the G400 using the newest SDK package R3 (and firmware) - random bytes still vanish when using the serial ports on the G400.

(The issue actually seems to be the only one remaining before we can use G400 in production)

Correct we haven’t used dma yet but this is being worked on

is there any connection between G400 and LCD-Touch?

We do have a (hardware) connection between G400 and LCD-touch, but we are not using the touch-interface on our production units at this point though (software-wise).

@ MD -

Try to remove LCD touch pin (also disconnect in software) or if you can, just for test, remove LCD completely.

Let us know if the bug is still there or not.

@ Dat - Ok, we will see what we can do tomorrow thanks (it’s 9:30pm over here and the boards are at the office).

Yes, thanks for your helping

initialize is called automatically inside its driver.

@ Dat - Good news, if we remove:


from the display driver, the serial communication seems quite stable. We can now download files using our GSM modem over serial with no problem. We of course also get the same good results if we detach the screen completely (as you suggested).

However, sometimes when we close the serial connection, reboot the GSM-modem and open the serial connection again, the random-bytes-disappearing-error can appear. But if we again close the serial connection, reboot the modem, and open the serial connection when that happens, it seems to recover and we can (again) communicate with the modem without missing bytes.

So generally this is very good news for us since we are not using the touch interface on our production hardware. So by not initializing touch it seems that we can use G400 instead of ChipworkX now. :slight_smile:


@ Dat - post #51, Please explain technical details of this to me. I need to know whether, and/or how, to document this in Post Release Issues web page. Thanks

@ MD -

I think this is another story, try to close and dispose, set null your serial connection,
Try to call DiscardInbuffer, Discardoutbuffer before closing and right after opening.

@ Dat - Yes, I too think it’s another problem and not that critical for us, since we can work around the issue by resetting the GSM module (again), when it occurs. But thanks, I’ll try your suggestions and see if it helps.