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Serial LCD with the FEZ Mini Robot Kit


I’m having problems getting the Serial LCD to work with the FEZ Mini Robot Kit. I’ve added the supplied driver to my project but my calls to SerialLCD.Print() or SerialLCD.ClearScreen() don’t have any effect. I simply end up with garbage on the LCD that doesn’t seem to correlate to any of my actual calls. Just a pile of random symbols.

I’m using the driver:

And initializing the LCD:

FEZ_Components.SerialLCD myLCD = new FEZ_Components.SerialLCD(FEZ_Pin.Digital.An2);

(I’ve tried using ports An1/An2/An3/An4 and they all behave the same.)

Any hints as to what I’m doing wrong?


I know we had problem with timing that is already been fixed. Not sure if the fix made it to the public release. Ether way, we have a new release coming this week which will add many new features to FEZ.

Please hold on for few days :wink:


Great! Looking forward to the update.


Did you try the new firmware? Do you still have problems?


I downloaded the new SDK, updated the FEZ firmware, used the new Serial LCD driver, copied the sample code from the Serial LCD pdf brochure, and I am still having the same results, garbage on the screen.


This serial LCD component has few jumpers on the back. Maybe one of the jumpers came off.

First jumper should be on DI

Second., on 24 (this is what is probably causing problems for you)

Third, I am not sure. I will have to check with our team tomorrow

Forth, I think ST

See this:


The jumpers as I received them were on IN, 24, 26, EX. Moving the first jumper from IN to DI fixed the issue. It is working as expected now. Thanks.


It looks like you guys missed that the correct jumpers placement is mentioned in the brochure


Make sure that the rear jumpers are connected as

the following:

Jumper 1: ST

Jumper 2: 16

Jumper 3: 24

Jumper 4: DI