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Serial Deploy for FEZ Domino



I want to use the USB client on the Domino and therefore need to deploy an Debug over a serial connection. I placed the mode jumper. I use the sparkfun ft232 breakout board.
The board is connect correctly because I had bidirectional serial communication over the UART.

Deploying gives gives an error and nothing is deployed. Also no respons is recieved if I ping with
the MSDeploy utillity.

Can someone help?

tnx in advance,

Jos van Hertrooij


When jumper is placed and shield is in place, can you ping on USB? now try on serial?


Hai Gus,

No, The jumper is on and still deployment is not possible




Hai Gus,

Forgot to mention Ping is also possible




sorry, I mean Ping is not possible.




Then the problem must be in your RS232 shield or in the cable you are suing.

If you open a terminal program (teraterm) at 115200 and reset your device, you will see a lot of messages on the terminal. If you don’t then you have connection problem.


Before i tested the FTDI bord with an application that writes “Hello world” from the Domino to the PC
When I start a terminal (UTF) then I still receive “Hello world” deploying a new application to the domino is impossible however. pushing reset or even remove power for 5 sec doesn’t help. The Domino starts sending xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx and then “Hello world” when its restarted.
I think this proves communication is OK.