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Serial Debugging


I am using the USB mass storage client function on a Raptor board, therefore I activated serial debugging on COM1 by connecting PA25 to GND, both seem to work well with first trials.

Because serial debugging is very slow compared to USB debugging, I want to carry on using serial debugging ONLY for developing & testing mass storage functionality while keeping USB debugging for all other tasks. In order not to have the need for two separate software projects I want to comfortably switch between both variants during development phase by just changing the switch position on PA25 and auto-detect this in my application.

As I saw, in earlier times there has been Configuration.DebugInterface.GetCurrent() for this purpose which had been given up since SDK 4.2.

Can I unaccidentially check the G400S bzw. Raptor’s PA25 (Socket 7, pin3) port state instead at the runtime of my application, without affecting reliability of the serial debug function?

Has anyone a 4.3 code snippet recommendation for doing so?


@ Harald - yes you can just read the pin status.


@ Harald - PA25 is only sampled at startup. Once your program is running you are free to use the pin for any function. Just create an InputPort/DigitalInput on that pin and read it.