Serial 7 Segment Display Driver on

I just posted my first item. It is a simple to use driver for the Serial 7 Segment Display

I am still so impressed with how easy this in in .NetMF

Very sweet, and freakin easy :slight_smile:

What is that sheild above FEZ Panda?

Looks like a Seeedstudio Sensorshield/ Electronic Brick “Arduino Shield”

Do I win a prize?
(I knew I’d seen one of those in the last few days)

Yes, it is a v4 Sensor shield. It just pulls out all the IO to convenient Ground/Vcc/Signal 3 pin connections.

It is freakn’ easy to win prizes with us. 8)
We have an ongoing contest for Halloween.

I have updated the driver to support floating point numbers, setting decimal points, changing baud rates, and setting brightness level.