Sensor DHT11 with fezspider 2

Hi, we are new in Gadgeteer.
Is it possible to use a DHT11 temperature and humidity sensor with fezspider 2?
We are using NETMF 4.3.
Someone can help us?

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start by using the search button in the upper right hand corner of this page

Hi Mike, I searched yet but I not find answers for NETMF 4.3

I wanna know too

Have you looked here?

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The problem is that he used PinCapture but in NETMF 4.3 there isn’t supported

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Check the documentation at for SignalCapture.

I tried but i can’t find GHI.IO that contains SignalCapture

check here code for NetFM 4.3/4.4 (i tested with netfm 4.3 and netfm 4.4 nucleo stm32f411ret6 and you need to use two pins from fez 2)

drivers / sample code and picture of connection

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It is there? Where did you look?

Not this, i will try it as soon as possible

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Thanks, i will try as soon as possible.

The DHT11 is a very poor sensor and not very accurate. It also has a poor life span too.

If you need something much better, have a look for the BME280 as this is I2C and easy to use and far more accurate. I use one for my home weather station.

Show us your changes if possible :wink:

I am interested in your solution too!

Looks like a school project, so who gets all the credits? :joy:


hoped he did better code than that i provided him…
but seems it was flagged with delete WITHDRAWN … :joy: