senseFly, I want one ;)

Nothing to do with NetMF but still awesome:

Make sure you watch the video.

That is cool. I like it.

Wow, that’s neat. I have a slope soaring flying wing like that, so it’s sans pusher motor, but I reckon I have the depron that I could make one. And you could use a Fez to control the sucker too !

A little creepy, if you ask me.

Doesn’t stop me from wanting one, though. :slight_smile:

That said, the fact that there’s no way to find out a price without calling screams “YOU CAN’T AFFORD IT!” :smiley:

Yah, the case alone has gotta be a couple hundred bucks… very “mission impossible” kind of style.

Sweet! That seemed like a tiny battery. I wonder how well it handles high wind. I have a foam plane with about the same wingspan and I’ve had to ditch it several times when it got downwind and it wasn’t possible to get back to me. I wonder how they handle that type of situation.

To me it looks like they took a foam body RC airplane and stuck a digital camera in the middle of it. The website just seems like more hype than substance.

Well, of course that’s what they did. The real selling point is the autopilot + the software. Oh, and that sexy case… :wink:

Not to mention software that automatically geo-tags your images, and stitches them into a terrain mosaic with height maps.

Umm, actually, I did mention the software… :wink:

Sorry, I thought you meant the software on the device. :-[