Sending UTF-8 Commands in Terraterm

I was wondering if anyone has ever had to send UTF-8 commands via UART to Fez Domino? I can’t find how to send those commands in TerraTerm. If I enter “0x00”, my Fez Domino see’s that entry as a string of characters instead of it being a UTF-8 Character. Does anyone know?

not sure what you are looking for

bytearray[0] = ‘F’; // this?

You want to convert string to byte array? I already use this many times in the book. Look at UART section

Thank you for your response. I want to send a UTF-8 Character from Terraterm to my Fez Domino via UART.

This is my code:

 while (UART.Read(rx_data, 0, 8) != 0x04)

The problem is, when testing this in Terraterm, I’m not sure how to send the UTF-8 Character for “EOT” (i.e. 0x04) from the computer to Fez Domino.

ASCII is sub-set of UTF-8. With Terraterm just start typing.

0x04 is control-d. Control-a is 0x01, control-b is 0x02 …

Cool! That worked.