Sending SMS messages using external Web Service

Hello everybody,

I have just uploaded short example on how to use a Web Service.

(link removed)

The example shows how to send sms message. Let me know if you have any questions.

I will have more examples later, including:
-how to receive replies to previously sent sms message
-how to send voice phone call notification using a web service


Very nice! thank you ;D

200 points, thanks :slight_smile:

I wonder what other services you can get through internet

I was wondering too. This is not a hard piece of code. Which systems work the same way?

Thank you!

In the next example I will use Phone Notify! Web Service.
The simple method converts text message using text-to-speech engine (you can choose the voice) and sends the audio to the provided phone number. The more advanced methods can actually execute user scripts and do a lot of fancy stuff. For example detecting AMD and/or DTMFs, callbacks, conferencing, and much more.


This is great stuff Architect but as fare as I can see your not hooking up to a web service at all. You are building an encoded URL with parameters to send an SMS. That is not consuming a web service at all.
Again useful stuff, -but the title is misleading.

Thank you and I have to disagree. There are multiple ways of invoking a Web Service. HTTP GET is just one of them and one of the easiest. Other methods just differ in what protocol and format of the message you are using. So there is no misleading here of any kind.


I think Valentin is using the term Web Service in its most generic sense of “a software system designed to support interoperable machine-to-machine interaction over a network. It has an interface described in a machine-processable format (specifically Web Services Description Language WSDL).” (Wikipedia)

I agree the title is a little misleading, as most people tend to think of Web Service as a SOAP based Web Services…but its still valid.

Still, very nice work looks nice and easy!!

valentin Definition is right. It is a simple web service. Instead of some bloated xml/soap to pass a simple message.

That service also works with “some bloated xml/soap” ;D

@ Architect - your link leads to a different website. Can you please load the files of the project as an attachment or link to the correct location?

Thank you

It is here GHI Electronics – Where Hardware Meets Software but I think architect was going to move ot codeshare.

Yes, I will move it to codeshare tonight.

You don’t even need a web service, you can do it with simple emails. Each carrier has their own domain for this and you can google the list. Verizon is something like @

Moved from wiki to codeshare.

The wiki page and file can be deleted now.

This is true, also you can do the other way around - send sms that will be forwarded as email.