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Sending keyboard input?


Hello everyone,

I was wondering if it was possible to send basic keyboard input to my PC from my Gadgeteer hardware. For example, if I moved the joystick right, would it be possible to simulate a right-arrow key press on the computer? I very much doubt it, but any information would be great. Thanks!


Yes you can. Take a look at USB client tutorial.



I read the tutorial, but I’m getting the InvalidOperationException error. Would this work with the USB transport setting in any way, or do I have to use serial? The reason I ask is that the device I’ve made does other things as well as trying to simulate the keyboard, and I wanted that to be an extra rather than the only thing it does.
Thanks for your help!


Of course it will not work, as explained in the tutorial :slight_smile: If USB is used for something (debugging) then it can’t be used for other things (keyboard)