Selling my spider kit (Stockholm, Sweden)


Since my son was born i haven’t had the time to play with my gadgeteer kit, so i thought someone else might have better use for it.

It’s a full spider kit, and i’d like 1700:- for it. Available through meet up in Stockholm, Sweden.

Kind regards, Esse

Gaaah, I have two kids and can play with my Gageteer toys. :smiley:
When they sleep, at night, …

Just kidding, have fun with your son.

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Sorry, I don’t understand that price. Can you please clarify which denomination you’re using?

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1700 SEK ~ 265 USD

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But the kit is only 250 USD ?

Maybe there are more gadgets in the package?

That’s the US price. Landed here I would be around $311 for this kit with customs charges and that’s not including the shipping cost and the customs on that too.


true - so for a local who can take it of his hands, its not a bad price at all.

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Yeah, it cost me around 2400:- SEK when i bought the kit. However, feel free to bid whatever you think it’s worth and I’ll consider it!

I’d rather see it come to use rather than just laying around :slight_smile: