Seeking Recommendation on Hardware

I bought the ChipWorkX Development kit to prove a concept. It has been proven and now am looking for the cheapest route to implement a one-off solution. The idea is to simulate a serial communication with a piece of lab equipment. Essentially, we have a desktop application that uses a serial port to download data from a piece of lab equipment. I took the ChipWorkX kit and wrote a simple application that uses the touch screen to simulate sending the data to the desktop application. As I look at the development kit, I used the following: the RS232 (COM3), 4.3" TFT Display with Touch Screen, the power connector, the USB Client, and of course the ChipWorkX module. I am struggling to piece that together shopping on the site. Any assistance would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you,

I do not have an enclosure yet.
I really want to keep this board for future R&D.

For a “one off” I would try to use the development board itself.

Can it go into your enclosure ?

I could be wrong but the Cobra (EMX) may be suited for your application. The Cobra comes with an enclosure and will make it easier to complete your project.

Another option is to use the FEZ Spider. You can choose the modules you need and wire them up inside any enclosure.

Lot of options. Keep posting and you will find help.

I like the idea of using the FEZ Cobra OEM Box. My concern is the RS232 connector. I dont see it in the kit.

Considering using the development board just to keep this moving. The one problem that I see with that is the mounted display. Its elevation is lower than the surrounding components and makes an enclosure difficult to use. My first thought was to flip the board over and put the display on the back side. That stands a chance of working if that display could be removed.

I still think the development board is overkill but I dont see many options for ChipWorkx card.

It may be the best I can do is get a plasctic box and put the board in it.
Any other ideas?

If the Cobra works you can use the “Prototype kit” to wire in a RS232.

I do believe that will work. Let me get that ordered. Thank you Rajesh.