Seeedstudio sale

I don’t know if this is frowned upon, but I thought I’d mention that Seeedstudio is having a pretty nice sale.

And there are some good buys, such as a 10.1 720p HDMI/VGA LCD for the Rpi2 for $49, and some heavily discounted flexible RGB matrices and strips (for anyone doing wearable stuff)

Both their GPS-Bee and Bluetoth-Bee are on sale for $9.90, and combined with the gadgeteer Xbee adapter module for $5.95 that’s a really cheap no wiring GPS or bluetooth module for your gadgeteer projects.

edit: this is probably in the wrong area.

@ mtylerjr - this is totally inappropriate. My therapist told me to stay away from people like you who encourage my addiction. Thanks…ignorance was bliss. :wink:


We love seeed and work with them often. I always recommend them.


I did notice the netduino go! In the bargain bin there… $29