SeeedStudio OLED 128x64

Hi all
I have a SeeedStudio groove OLED 128x64 and a groove expansion for .NET gadgeteer and would like to use it. I found this code, but it does not work with SDK 4.3
I posted a message on the codeshare page forum but didn’t get any help.


Looks like it was written and tested on Panda II (4.1). Current SoftwareI2CBus implementation is slightly different. Did you modify the driver to match the current SoftwareI2CBus?

After some digging i manage to change the code and now i have my groove oled saying “hello world” to me ;D
I’m using a cobra II, basically i corrected some namespaces and changed these lines:

_device = _i2cBus.CreateI2CDevice(SeeedOLED_Address); // removed “0”

using G120 = GHI.Pins.G120;
i2c = new SoftwareI2CBus((Cpu.Pin)G120.P0_28, (Cpu.Pin)G120.P0_27);


Good job!