Seeed PCB Fusion Discount ($10 off)

FYI - Seeed has changed up their PCB service process and as a promotion they are giving every order placed until Jan 20th a $10 service coupon back. So, rush out and place some orders this weekend!

Cool! Thanks.

Articulating arms and double sided SMD inquiry + Seeed PCB offer = I know Ian is up to something…and I probably want one. :smiley:


Hmmm, place an order with 4 PCBs and get 4 gift cards for PCBs… :slight_smile:

Time is up. Anyone order anything? I didn’t have anything ready to go and didn’t get what I’m currently working on done in time.

Yep. Ordered 4 boards, got for coupons… :slight_smile:

One bug fix for my MegaMoto.
One bug fix for my (yet to be released) Module Current Measurement Module.
One new Gadgeteer module that can receive FM radio with RDS/RDBS.
One one Gadgeteer module with a Geiger tube. Will have to see if I can get the 500V supply going… :slight_smile:

Nice! Sounds like some good stuff in the works.

lol - was just thinking about doing this… o well… :wink:

I would like to get a full set of modules for Automotive Entertainment System type of setup. Still need an I2C fader/balancer, an amplifier and a double din LCD module… :slight_smile:

@ GMod(Errol) - nice

Please post a review on the board quality when you receive them.

Did they change manufactures? I have done boards with Seeed before and it was top quality…

Don’t think so. I think they only upgraded their ordering process (software).

They must have changed manufacturer or they REALLY streamlined things.
Sunday: Order placed.
Monday: Board files verified.
Tuesday: Manufacturing started.
Wednesday: Boards on their way back to Seeed.

This used to take a week or more…

Nice! Sounds like they’ve borrowed the process from DFRobot. Now if they could just get their add-on prices to match DFRobot then I’d be more interested. +$20 just to get black PCBs is ridiculous. If DFRobot would offer Seeeds quantity options we would have the perfect source. Hopefully, one of these vendors will give me everything I want eventually :wink:

@ ianlee74 - What quantity options does seeed do that DF doesnt?

Seeed : 10, 20, 30, 50, 100
DFRobot: 10, 50, 100, 200

DFRobot needs something in between 10 & 50. Just adding a 25 or 30 option would be sufficient. It seems that the last couple orders, I’ve really only wanted 20 but I end up ordering 50 because it’s not much more expensive than placing two orders of 10. :frowning:

@ ianlee74 - 5cm x 5cm in green

Seeed 10 $9.90
Seeed 20 $24.90
Seeed 50 $44.90

DFRobot 10 $9.50
DFRobot 20 $19.00
DFRobot 50 $34.50

Maybe i am confused…

Yeah. I will not pay +$20 for black either. That was a real dissapointment. “We grant your request for black color, but it costs $20”. Not nice… :frowning: