Seeed OledDisplay & FlashFileSystem on FEZ Spider

Hi all, software developer, no experience in electronics, playing with this field for the very first time.

I have a FEZ Spider with various modules, but I have a Seeed oledDisplay in socket 9, and a GHI Flash Module in socket 6, both SPI.

These were working fine, until I started using dotnetwarrior FlashFileSystem. I replaced the flash module on the designer diagram with the FlashFileSystem and hooked it back up to socket 6.

Now, the FlashFileSystem is working fine, but I can no longer write anything to the oledDisplay, it just stays blank. It appears to initialise ok, I get no errors anywhere, just a blank screen.

Should I be able to use both of these together, or is there some sort of hardware limitation going on, or something else I’ve missed?

Thanks in advance…

SPI is a shared bus on wich you can connect multiple devices. However there’s CS pin (Chip select) for each peripheral. Can you check your configuration and see if these two wires are properly connected

I’d break it down. Create test apps that exercise the FlashFileSystem, and one the display. Make sure they work independently. Then try to combine them again and see if you get anywhere.