Seeed Baromiter Different results Cerb and Spider

Hi Guys
Ive got a strange issue. Ive been testing my Seeed baromiter module and it works really nicely on my spider and gives me correct info as below

Spider Data Current Temp: 22.848217204053071 Presure: 1006.6626796717883
And the data varies slightly as it takes the measurement.

However, do the exact same thing on a cerb and you only get
Cerberus Data Current Temp: -510.31058483448578 Presure: 299.6727451446859
This is the ONLY value it returns. No deployment errors or exceptions

Any ideas?

@ HughB - This is a known issue with Seeed Barometer Modules and can be cured most of the time by tapping on the chip. You may refer to this forum post for more information.

ahhh a bit of the old brute force eh! i will give it a go. Its strange that it always works with the spider though.
I will let you know how i get on.

Confirmed, a good smack and it started working.

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Which module version are you using?

Not sure, I will have to check when I get home tonight. Once I gave it a good sound thrashing ( read light tap) its started to settle down. And worked fine for a few hours as a test. I don’t understand why the chip should need intervention like this or indeed how it can differ so much between mainboards. It’s not the first module I have that ties different results between mainboards either.