Seeed Barometer Module readings!

I have a Seeed Barometer module and I am not getting readings from it that make sense.

Sometimes it gives proper temperature and pressure but right now I am seeing this on the output from debug.

Temp -54.9
Press 781.9

Now, I am in the Far East and about 5 deg south of the equator so unless the big freeze has happened and I don’t know about it, temperature is very wrong and pressure is too low. Normally I see around 32 deg C and 998 millibars.

I am running the code on a Cerbuino.

Is anyone else using this module and seen this happening?

Maybe your module thinks its in Calgary.

I’ve got a couple of Barometer modules and they have been working rather well here, but then again -55C is possible here.

Perhaps the calibration data is corrupted or was overwritten throwing off the values?

@ Dave McLaughlin - I have never seen the temperature read quite like that, but there was an issue about a year ago with Seeed Barometers that they would have to be lightly tapped to generate a proper pressure reading, does tapping it help at all?

I wrote a quick program to look at my own barometer. It was working great. After a couple of program modifications the output went to values around -5.6. Odd. I found this thread and saw that Dave was seeing something similar but no solution.

I picked the module up when the barometer was being read at 5 second intervals and held it between my thumb and forefinger to warm it up. Not sure what my reasoning was but the values increased to normal over two reading. I have reset the computer (spider) a couple of times to see if the values would go back to negative numbers but they have not.