Seed Moisture Sensor - GetMoistureReading weird values

I have FEZ Spider board with Seed.MoistureSensor connected to socket 9.
When I ask moisture sensor for reading:
int soilHumidity = moistureSensor.GetMoistureReading();
I got values between 1-3 (sometimes 0). What that means? Soil in which I put the sensor is pretty much wet and I expected percentage values over 80%.
Is something wrong with sensor or I use it inccorectly?

@ andre.m -
Thanks Andre for quick respose. I read blog post, and as I see GetMoistureReading() method should return values greater than 1000 when sensor in wet environment. But in my case even with sensor put in glass of water I got 3 as returned value.
Since I am newbee in this area, is it possible to took source code from
adjust it and recompile?

Problem was cable connection on senzor. Now it works as expected.
Day is saved :slight_smile: