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This forum lacks it.

Could we please get something like Invision or vBulletin here?

  • You’ll have secure forums
  • We’ll have unread posts that work
  • We’ll have all the icons at the top of the post for embedding videos and images and such
  • We’ll get private messaging
  • The forums will look better
  • More professional image for GHI
  • Subscribing to threads
  • Emails when a thread you’re subscribed to gets a reply
  • Josh’s todo list will get zeroed out, so he can spend more time playing WoW…


The forum isn’t perfect but it isn’t insecure.

We chose to build our own forum for many reasons. The most important one being that it’s easy to understand and implement features quickly. I rather not waste time writing hook functions and painfully trying to integrate your GHI accounts into a forum. Trying to adapt a forum software into your existing layout is not an simple task. The forum will then look similar to other forums in a cookie cutter sort of way. I don’t consider that professional. Having something look familiar is both good and bad. TinyCLR is going for playful feel! :slight_smile:

Private messaging takes away from the community by making helpful conversations private. If you really need to communicate one on one you can talk over IM or email. I plan to put in a form so you can message a member with your private contact details through their profile page.

Everyone at GHI uses the forum as much as our users if not more. We realize that the forum lacks things, but we will be transforming it into everything you’ve mentioned (for the most part) soon. Patience is a virtue!

P.S. I don’t play World of Warcraft :wink:



Drop me an email at “xxx”


I would like to add this comment: is a part of GHI Electronics, but not GHI.
This is GHI’s official website:

We wanted to be as simple as possible with the hobbyist-friendly look. We also want to still be free human in the forum, not the support robots of a professional company customer care. We are all friends here. :wink:


I like the TINYCLR format! Don’t change it!


There are certain things that really are better of discussed in a private setting. Do you really want to have a post on your forum with information on how to get rocket fuel?

Nevertheless, I keep up plenty of private conversation with other users. All of it is just stuff that is not appropriate for public discussion.


lol. The colors and what not made it look like some kind of warez site for me at first, but have gotten used to it. I like the playful feel. Wonder if a cookie could style some preset themes (i.e. background color, etc).


I don’t care about the colors, it looks fine and I haven’t seen much resemblance to a warez site…

Then again, I am colorblind ::slight_smile:


Any site that has a black background and light text just kills my eyes. I have to look away for a while for my eyes to readjust. (and yet I’m here all day - tells you something about my mental state, doesn’t it :D)


It looks like command prompt that I always use, MS-Dos user interface or even Linux command line. I think most nerds like it more that the fancy GUI things 8) ( I mean the command line interface).


MS DOS command line is obsolete, nerds now use powershell witch is blue :smiley:

Myself, I prefer white on black because it’s easier on the eyes in my unlighted dungeon :-[


I like green on black :smiley:


After looking at a kaypro monochrome green monitor for to many years i avoid green on black.