Security implications of the Internet of Things

Definitely some things to keep in mind as we leap forward with ever more adventurous uses for mCus:

The comment about the potential for aggregation of small bits of information that could identify dietary habits and even potentially one’s religion is rather sobering, IMO.

The war of the future is shutting off all the coffee machines of your opponent. Think about it… :slight_smile:

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Now that would be an entertaining game :smiley:

That’s been a problem for over a decade now. It doesn’t take the IoT for them to figure that out. It only takes your wife getting suckered into signing up for a Kroger card…


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Yeah, but at least in the case of retail affinity cards, a reasonably intelligent person understands up-front that they’re signing up to provide the retailer with information in exchange for discounts.

Not entirely sure that people are thinking that far ahead in terms of the implications of intelligent devices. I was listening to a recent Hanselminutes podcast (Hanselminutes Technology Podcast - Fresh Air and Fresh Perspectives for Developers - Hanselminutiae-eleven with Richard Campbell) yesterday, in which Scott discussed how he has his garage door set up to alert him via a Twine device ( when it’s left open. Now, properly secured, this isn’t a big deal, but if I have a device tweeting or texting that my garage door is open, and the messages get intercepted by a third party, that’s potentially a significant problem.

Just saying that the effort by folks like those making the Twine device to make IoT idiot-proof is a double-edged sword. And as the saying goes, we live in a battle between engineers trying to build ever-better idiot-proof systems, and the universe turning out ever-better idiots. :smiley: