Securing the work space - which locking mechanism?

Hello all,

I made a modification to my work space (picture). Primary reason for keeping nosy kids away from the LEGO, and I guess to some extend all the chemicals and power tools and CNC router and such. Now that it’s done I’m in need of inspiration on how to lock it down good - I just put a bolt through a hinge as is.

Some heavy-duty magnetic switch, perhaps? Need all the ideas and links you can throw at me,

thanks in advance!

You can’t beat a good old padlock :wink:

Tried & tested for sure :slight_smile: But I find myself wanting something I can unluck via a Gadgeteer keypad-solution :slight_smile:

I’ve played around with a magnetic one in the past (Old work one) and it was great apart from the fact it’s always drawing electricity to keep the door locked.

I’ve always gone back to a mechanical method.

Sounds like a recommendation to me - do you recall the make and model of it?

This should work :smiley:


I don’t think it had any identification on it. It was huge though for a large office door. It had power and signal connectors and that was it.

I would go for a decent Solenoid tye arrangement. Put the code in then the bolt is pulled back.

This is probably a bit of overkill bit it works well.

Simple +12 or +24V to unlock it. Includes a switch to indicate if lock is engaged or open so you can detect if the gate is open or closed.

We use these:

Works great.

Nice. You got me thinking of what I can use this RFID board I picked up. A Gadgeteer with it and a lock would be a fun project. Don’t have young kids to worry about but the fun part is building it all.

Don’t really need an excuse to find a use for these things do we?

Not one bit! :slight_smile:

here is an idea;
why not try to use one of those Alarm kits they sell for cars, all of the kits come with solenoids that push a pin out when activated and pull it back when deactivated; use similar concept found in car doors. and control it with the remote; and or Gadgeteer :slight_smile:

good luck!

Thanks! That’s a terrific idea - if this - - fails, I’ll try that instead

Just a note.

I saw somewhere that you can get those mag-lock type locks that either “fail safe”, ie, if it looses power then the door unlocks, or it “fail secure” thus if the lock looses power then it locks. The nice thing about “Fail locked” is that it does not use power to keep it locked, the bad thing is that you cant unlock if the power is out… :slight_smile:

That’s definitely something to consider! For this particular installation I’m thinking of letting it be always powered-on, so I can always put my hand through the bars and yank the hidden-behind-child-arms-reach wires if all else fails. But, yea, you sure can get some heavy duty electromagnets - saw a 600 kilos holding force one at $50!