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Securing DPWS



I want to implement very basic authorization for DPWS in my application.
However, I cannot find any fancy API in netmf for that. So is there any way to extend DPWS to support even very simple, plain text pass-based authorization for Dpws.Device class?

I know that I can use WCF on PC and create another layer for my solution but I don’t want to do that. My FEZ board is supposed to be a standalone app and should handle any basic method authentication on it’s own.

Any tips how to achieve that?

Thanks in advance!

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hope this helps:


Hi Andre and JayJay

Actually, I looked at the examples before I wrote that post and I cannot find anything that could help me to implement an authentication/authorization feature for DPWS in my application containing couple of different services.

I also went through the post that you pointed out but I cannot find anything relevant there either.

Could you guys tell me more precisely where you think I should be looking?
Maybe I’m just missing something here.


/ Lukasz


@ coder89 -

Welcome on board !

I also tried to find some things about securing DPWS, but til then, I did not found anything that will carry on security at transport level.

The only thing I tried was to use an MD5 based login/password crypto and pass the given crypted string as a param for each method call. Like this, you ensure that your target will reject the call if the given cryptokey is not the one you’re looking for…

You can also imagine to crypt all the params in only one string param is the method params are not big datas…Like this, also the params wont be ‘sniffable’ on the network.

Unfortunetaly, I had some problems with my PC hard drive and lost this piece of code, but I think it wont be difficult to make.

Hope this will help