Second project : snapshot camera

Now that I got the first basic camera project working it’s time to bring in more modules.
The goal is to make a “real” camera.
so i’ll need the sdcard module to store the pictures and 2 LED’s (yes 2, because you can never have enough LEDs :wink: )

changes to be made:

  • display video stream on display
  • when the button is pressed, light the LEDs
  • when the button is released take picture / dim the LEDs / store picture

the reason i would take the picture when you release the button is so the eyes of the camera victim can adjust to the light.

I already ran into a small problem though.
when I add the multicolor LED module in the designer it throws an error:
“the module installer was not correctly set up, it does not provide a compatible assembly for .NET microframework version 4.”

then the module is added and referenced correctly. however, it seems the LED assembly references the daisylink assembly (which seems obvious because you can chain them)…
and that’s the problem. I don’t seem to have the daisylink assembly installed.

I do have the genericDaisyLink assembly which isn’t the correct one.

Should I install the gadgeteer sdk again or can i download the assembly from somewhere else?
as a second question. if you manually link to an assembly there are usually 2 subfolders ‘be’ and ‘le’ which seem to have that same assembly and some other files… what’s that all about?

EDIT: never mind, I found the assembly in the gadgeteer folder instead of GHI folder.

You shouldnt be seeing errors when you add a module to the designer. What version of VS are you using??

right now i’m using VS2010 version: visual C# 2010 express.

you shouldn’t be seeing this kind of error if all the SDKs installed correctly. You should never need to do anything more than add a module on the designer, and the designer should then drop everything you need into references and the generated code.

Can I suggest another test? In fact, if you could capture screen shots along the way it might also help. Close VS if open. Open VS. Select Create New Project. Show us the templates you have installed. You should have a Gadgeteer section and a netmf section. Create a new Gadgeteer project. Select a mainboard you have (if one doesn’t already come up). Pop up the toolbox and show us the items you have installed. Add a module from each of the categories to the design surface, note any errors. Save the project somewhere and zip the whole file up, and post to skydrive/dropbox somewhere and we’ll see if anyone else can open it and get similar/same errors?

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@ brett: sounds like a plan. I’m rather busy this weekend, so it’ll have to wait till next week. thanks again for the support.