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Second project - crossplatform GUI for Panda and 128x64 LCD! (demo on Youtube)


I’ve made a library which wraps WPF, Windows Forms and custom-made .NET MF controls.


  • Window, TextBox, Button (hmm…), multithreading and databinding!

Took about 2 nights to do :slight_smile:
Oh, if only .NET MF had generics support… The code would be much, much prettier.
Also, yield is broken in 4.1 MF. - Main Application, - Random Event Source

I plan on developing this library further, probably adding Silverlight / HTML (AJAX) output, and publishing on Google Code.


Erm, i have a question…

Sometimes when I edit the post - all links disappear :frowning:

Also, they don’t get highlighted - whether i use the hyperlink button or not…


Wizzard0 if you edit your original post you will see the video tag. URLs are automatically converted to hyperlinks but require a full URL:


I would love to see this library… Any idea on when you might share?



Any idea on when you might share?

That depends on what features you need, and how you plan to use the library.

Could you please make a list? :slight_smile: