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Second Preview of TinyCLR OS Core Features


Interesting… To save anyone else the hassle of trying to find info about this project, here it is about all I could find. The list of contributors makes this an interesting project with some potential. Its still just a baby, though. Will be interesting to watch.


@ ianlee74 - Good find on the wordpress site link.


Do/Will TinyCLR and nanoFramework overlap in anyway? Can anyone tell at this point?

They seem to have some similar goals, as far as carrying on from NetMF. Are they complimentary, or duplicated efforts?


Both are moving forward from where NETMF left off. GHI is more focused on commercial customers and their needs so while we may have the same starting point, things may be very different in the future. We still welcome and support any NETMF (and gadgeteer) efforts.