Second CAN port on EMX Development System

Hi, i’m building a CAN gateway for a prototype but on the EMX10-DS-129 only one CAN port is actual
on the board, for the second port, can we use a gadgeteer module like the CANDW-GM-311 for this?
Are there people having exprerience with these modules in automotive solutions? (SAEJ1939)


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Looking at the lower left corner of the EMX development system you will see a header. This header exposes the pins for the second CAN channel on the EMX module.

You could wire the DW CAN module to these pins.

Ok, thanks Mike.

@ David Did you find any information regarding the implementation of SAEJ1939 on .netmf?

@ leforban - Yes,why?

Because I am interested in implementing CAN SAEJ1939. In fact I want to retrieve data from A/D Converter from Axiomatic:

Do you have a tutorial or any advice?

A brief and global overview on 1939 :

But imho you don’t really need much knowledge about 1939 to use on netmf.
You probably set a filter on CAN listening to the ID of your output controller and broadcast messages
in the format specified in the output controllers manual.

At most you need to have a deeper look at the PGN and SPN definitions that you will actual use.

Ok for now, I am just playing with EMX and a CAN Usb, things seem easy but let’s wait for the axiomatic modules …