Searching for LCD solutions?

I found this people quite interesting for LCD solutions, because they sells also lot of different driver boards for LCD panels and touch.

I’ve got an LCD 7" panel + HDMI/DVI boardI need for Win CE7 … I will receive soon …( I hope)
They sells on ebay too:

I got from Hong Kong the LCD + driver board.

It’s really interesting solution, not intended for Microfwk boards, but it works very nice for Raspberry and for Toradex.
It can display signal from HDMI, VGA and 2 AV (composite video) input.
Cost is very affordable, LCD 7" + driver board is $51 + shipment DHL

Very nice,

Does it fit to NETMF?

Although if you were willing to go with some extra hardware, you might be able to use a Gadgeteer Video Out module, which can output VGA:

Don’t know for sure that it’d work, but as long as you were able to power the LCD separately, and can get the module to output a VGA signal within the range for the LCD, I would think it possible.

That’s not a plain vanilla NETMF solution, though.

Price aside, you could use the VideoOut Module with vanilla NETMF :smiley:

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Nice! Didn’t know about that Codeshare…thanks for pointing it out (and writing it). :slight_smile: