Search only giving threads, no posts

Hi all,

If you do a search on most forums, you only get the threads, not every post.
This is a nice feature in my opinion. Resulting in less returns.
Now you will get more than one post of a thread.
Resulting in too much reading.

What is the users opinion? Or is this discussed already?

Cu, Wim.

I wote for this too…
search function is in current state unuseable…
It must return “distinct”-ed threads for easier searching…

I think there’s two things needed here… The problem is that if you search for a word that’s in the post title then every post in that title gets returned. That case should be distinct. However, if it finds words within the post itself then those individual posts should also be included. Otherwise, you may end up searching through a 13 page thread for the one post that has your keyword. These two lists should also be unioned so that a result from the title query is not returned if it is also found in the post query.

Maybe a check box so select?

I think that would be unnecessary if the search just did as I described then you would get a fairly relevant list in most cases.

I would prefer the check box.

Then you would really need either two checkboxes or a combo-box.

  1. Search Title
  2. Search Posts

What would really be more useful and not clutter up the screen would be the ability to use tags such as in a Google search.
user:ianlee74 robot

with the default being to search both (distinct) title & body.

In fact, why implement your own search anyway? Google has it perfected. Just implement theirs. It’s free.,or.r_gc.r_pw.&fp=dc9b7cc97129edc0&biw=1319&bih=744,or.r_gc.r_pw.&fp=dc9b7cc97129edc0&biw=1319&bih=744

In my opinion, a site dedicated search is always up to date with the content of the forum.
I’m not shure how often google scans forums.

Also not everybody has the same search engine knowledge.

So I preffer an “in site” search.

Nice job for the weekend :smiley:

Yea, the Google refresh time wouldn’t be ideal for the forums. But, if I want to search the entire site for a general topic I’ll usually go with a Google search.

For those not aware, if you include any of the following in your Google search before your keywords it will target the respective sites. myKeyword <-- Searches all pages myKeyword <-- Searches only the Code site myKeyword <-- Searches only the Wiki site myKeyword <-- Searches the forums

Feature relating to search:

A lot of the time I only want to search “EMX & FEZ Cobra” threads, and have to DESELECT all the other options every time ???, would be great to have a DESELECT all checkboxes option.

Maybe a cookie to save this default search setting for user preferences.