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Search feature


We have enhanced the search feature on the forum. Can you please give it a try?

There is still more to be done to make it better but we like to get some feedback


Keyword(s) cannot be blank - Trying to search by user only.

Searching with " " as keyword returns no results.

Searching by both works great.

As does by keyword only.


Great! This will make our lives a bit easier. My fist suggestion would be to be able to see search result as topics. After clicking on topic we could get its posts with marked keywords (as we get now but posts from all topics aggregated).


I would like to be able to search for exact phrase using quotes or ‘+’ doesn’t matter. Whatever is easier to implement.

It also would be nice to have users page back. It is easier to copy/paste user name instead of trying to remember exact spelling (especially if it is upside down :wink: ).


I used Search earlier today, and it seemed a better experience than in the past.

Key requirement though is still not handled - do a search, find a group of results. Look at a thread; decide that one’s not the one you want, press BACK on browser to get back to the list of found topics… fail.


I would not use ajax for the search. Just refresh the whole page with the search parameters in the querystring. This way the back-button of the browser can be used and searchresults can be referenced.


@ Brett - Fail no longer.


better ! Using BACK just now (on IE9 RTM on Win7) I get a webpage has expired notice and if i refresh then i get prompted to resubmit my query - which when I do i get the same search results. So improved for sure, and a step in the right direction; just need to figure out the refresh bit.


lol nice.