SDK documentation?

I was looking to implement a custom Gpio Controller and curious where i could find a definition for the TransferFeature method:

 void TransferFeature(
      int pinSource,
      int pinDestination,
      uint mode,
      uint type,
      uint direction,
      uint speed,
      uint alternate);

Im not clear on what it needs to do.

For this and similar questions would there be any sort of SDK documentation Im not aware of?

Thanks, though I’m aware of this documentation. Nice quick start for sure, but nothing that is going to guide someone trying to implement a custom controller…

How about looking at some GHI code? You might find something there.

BTW, what would a custom GPIO controller do?

Well, similar to this desire in this thread:

I expect that if i was able to create a custom gpio controller, i would then be able to create my own GpioPin instance that implements external hardware, and in theory pass it to other things that require a GpioPin

I say in theory as I’m not quite sure this is the way to do what i assume i want to do, but as long as these classes stay sealed and no one informs me otherwise, this is what I’m attempting.

You can then expand this idea to the UART, SPI, I2C ect…