Sdk 4.2 audio out

Hi Gus & Friends,

I understand that the audio out via the analog out pin has been dropped in sdk 4.2.

This is very unfortunate as I need it for my upcoming project (needed for short speech messages while the user is not looking at the LCD).
Will you be returning this feature to 4.2?
Is it possible to downgrade to 4.1 for this feature?

I really don’t want add external components like the ISD2360 for this purpose, only an external amplifier.


AnalogOut is there. moved to NETMF SDK.

Thanks Architect, great news.
This could be a real time (and money) saver.
I’ll give it a try…
Time to look for a low cost class-d mono amp. Any suggestions?


Just checking. Do you mean AUDIO or ANALOG out? Your Subject says one, your text says another. While they’re in roughly the same domain, analog out doesn’t on its own give you audio out…

The WAV playback?


Yes I mean the WAV playback, can’t find it on 4.2.
I really need it for a project.
Did I let my hopes up too early?

I already found an audio amplifier :slight_smile:


Here it is:

This was not added to 4.2 but it is in 4.1

I think this is scheduled for next release.

AnalogOut is not there?

So the thing that’s missing is the AnalogOut for the WAV Playback implementation?
Can I convert the code to use PWM and an RC filter instead?

NETMF is considered hardware for software people…
My problem is the opposite, I need software for hardware people :slight_smile:

Yes it is but not WAV playback

Oh! I see. That Set method was GHI exclusive. Should be easy enough to do in RLP/RLPLite.

Gus, when is the next release due?

Check this thread you can try to do this in RLPLite:

It is already 4.2.9 now.

Sounds like a daytime: 'it’s already 4.2.9 now, time to go to bed :wink:

Hi Dat,

Thanks for the heads up.
Will try it next week.