SD storage on Fez Panda II


I am working on a project in which I am looking to save a txt file to SD card. However, looking at this documentation ( it says to use using

and [code=cs]using Microsoft.SPOT.IO;[/code
However, these namespaces are not recognised by my FEZ Panda 2 project (in VS 2010). I have looked in the ‘references’ part of the project, but cannot seem to locate this namespace?

Am I not realising something/ doing something stupid?

Appreciative of any help on this matter.

I am forced to develop in 2010 (for system requirements) but the board came with a micro SD slot preinstalled? I was just wishing to be able to use it for a back up as to ensure that if the file did not transfer successfully, it would be saved there?

As you can tell, i’m not 100% confident with NETMF, but still feel this can be (somehow) used with “PersistentStorage” (although, I’m not certain)?

what’s the netmf version ?

a Panda only runs netmf 4.1. This means you need to use the 4.1 variant of that code - which isn’t easy to find unfortunately. is the link to the 4.1 GHI specific information. From there you can see the PersistentStorage class you need.

Jeff@ GHI, the “old” structure of the support landing page had links to “legacy” content. If nothing else it had links to the 4.1 SDK doco like above. Can you tell us where that content went, or put it somewhere that it’s accessible ?

@ Brett, I was actually asking jbutler, but the answer will do since I can post the code for accessing the SD stuff, it’s pretty easy … used in a program I once used to play an infinite loop of music files on to a vs1053 bob from sparkfun with the patch loading at startup to play flac files. The music files were stored on the Panda’s SD storage.

And I wasn’t really answering your question either :slight_smile: More making an explicit point that the document libraries will focus on newer technology/versions but the Panda is a legacy board and you need to leverage the legacy code and resources (that are hard to find)

Yeah, it’s almost a shame to throw that stuff (Panda-II, Cobra, etc.) out of the window. I think that’s one of the prices you get in this area …

I’m just lucky, I guess, to have some stuff still stored on my nas…

@ Brett, thank you for that link. Would you by any chance know who I should ask as to making this type of information for the Panda more accessible to ‘novice’ users? I only ask as i’ve been searching the web for some time, and never seem to get any ‘help’ (other than here) for this board?

@ PiWi, thank you for that codeshare. I will look into it and will see where it gets me. :wink:

@ jbutler483 - if you require more info, please let me know, I’ll see if I have some and get it to you !!

Hello @ PiWi, I was looking through your code and cannot find the namespace for

Is this something that is unavailable in VS 2010 with the NETMF?

Open the PandaPlayer.csproj and scroll down until you see the references. Make sure you added them in your project references.

JButler, one more tip for you - there are USING statements in your code that are simply “shorteners” for full names… and then there are REFERENCES that are added to the project (not your code). You need to typically do both - add a REFERENCE so you get the DLL included in the project to be deployed to the device, and then the USING means instead of typing Microsoft.SPOT.IO.SomeObject you can simply say SomeObject and VS will understand what you mean.

As for your question about doco - it’s Jeff @ GHI who manages that and he’ll see this and I am sure he’ll add it to his cleanup list (but it’ll be a way down the priority list as 4.1 is a long way in the past!)

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